Why Your Living Room Needs an Area Rug – And How to Pick One

Area rugs are functional accent pieces that can add style and class to your living room. But how do you pick the perfect one for your space? Here are some simple tips to find the right area rug for your living room.

A Traditional Look

If you’re going for a classic vibe, measure your seating area and pick a rug the next size up. Go for colors that are either a shade darker or lighter than the colors of your furniture. A simple pattern or print that appeals to your taste with the accent colors of the room is always a good choice, or a solid color with some interesting texture will work too.

Break the Rules

If a modern feel is more your style, try breaking the rules and choose rugs that don’t fit the usual size rule. Go for smaller rugs and place them at the feet of your furniture. Or choose an oversized rug that fills the majority of the room. Rugs can separate space as well. So if you have a large open floor plan, but would like to dedicate one area to some other purpose, like a reading nook or an office, place a larger area rug in the living space and a smaller one in the dedicated area. If you’re unsure which size rugs will work for your space, try placing a folded up a bedsheet in your desired size on the floor to get an idea of how it would look.

Texture is Everything

Besides the color and style, think about what sort of texture you’d like on your area rugs. If you have smooth upholstered furniture or lots of wooden pieces, try a rug with a thicker, more interesting texture. Or if the opposite is true, your furniture is soft and fuzzy, tighter textured rugs would be the perfect contrast.

If you still need help choosing the perfect area rug, come to root. today for inspiration.