The Perfect Lamp Style For Each Room

Lamps are underrated. We tend to think of them as solely a light source but may not realize how much style impact they have on a room. A perfect lamp can set the tone for an area and bring out small details in a theme or look. Here’s how to choose the perfect lamp style for each room.

Functional Lighting

You want lamps that add some character to the room but also provide functional lighting. Strategically placed vintage desk lamps can add workability to an office or den, as well as set the tone for the feel of the room. For a larger more open space like a living room, tall modern floor lamps placed behind an oversized couch or armchair can provide light for reading while being focal points. By starting with the need for lighting in a certain space or function and building style on top of that, you’ll end up with lamps that work perfectly in your space while making it more usable and appealing to the eye.

Small Details

The details on lamps can go a long way to accentuate other details in a room. Lamps with copper bases, for example, can bring out pops of metallic in a wall shelf or table. Or a wooden base can bring out the natural elements in your wall decor. Try vintage sconces in the hallway with Edison bulbs if you’re going for a retro look. The possibilities are endless.

Bold Statements

Lamps can serve as a statement piece in a room as well. If your furniture and decor feature straight lines and solid colors, try a lamp with a little bit of pizzazz. Bright colors or interesting shapes will bring the eye directly to the space around the lamp, so it could be a perfect opportunity to display beloved artwork or photographs. 

If you’re looking for the perfect lighting, come to root. for inspiration. We can help you design every room.