Picking the Right Dining Room Set for Your Family

Your dining room is a sanctuary in your home. It’s where everyone gathers around to share a meal, laughter and conversation. The right dining set should make it easier for your family to do all these things while also reflecting your personal style and fitting functionally into your space. Here are some tips for picking the right dining room set for your family.

Pick the Style that Speaks to You

When it comes to style, you don’t have to make any compromises. If you prefer a sleek modern table with straight lines, go with that look. If you have more of a vintage eye and enjoy shape and texture, go for a driftwood finish and legs with a little character.

Size Matters

While you don’t have to compromise on style, finish or design, you do however have to pick the right size table for your dining room. Measure obsessively; our eyes can deceive us. You may think that giant rectangular table with matching armchairs will fit in your space until you get it delivered and realize you may have a problem. If you have an older table that needs to be replaced but works well size-wise for the room, measure it and use that as a guide when shopping.


The shape of the perfect dining table has a lot to do with how many people will be sitting at it regularly. A rectangular table is more flexible when it comes to accommodating extra diners, so that’s something to keep in mind. Rectangular tables also sometimes have removable leaves that can extend its length. If you have a smaller space or a smaller family, a circular table is a great way to have a functional eating area while still conserving space.

Here at root., we have a wide variety of dining tables perfect for any space, as well as all the extras you’ll need to complete your ideal dining room.