How Vanguard Furniture Brand Practices Sustainability

Here at root., we pride ourselves in carrying quality brands of furniture that do more than just produce beautiful pieces for your home. Vanguard is a brand that sees the bigger picture. In addition to creating unique chairs, sofas and accent pieces, Vanguard dedicates itself to helping the planet. They see sustainability as a way of life and incorporate it into every aspect of their business. Here’s how:

Sustainable Furnishings Council

In 2007, Vanguard joined the Sustainable Furnishings Council so that they could better understand ways to make the manufacturing process more environmentally friendly. It has helped the company balance environmental, economic and social concerns in a way that is beneficial to all involved.

Manufacturing By-Product Recycling

The corporate goal of Vanguard is to recycle 100% of manufacturing waste to prevent using landfills. Every year they recycle around 24,000 pounds of plastic and 180,000 pounds of fabric. That is a lot of materials not going into landfills!

Recycled Wood Materials

When building new products, Vanguard uses wood sourced from facilities certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. In addition to that, they also use reclaimed wood whenever possible, which not only helps the planet but increased the uniqueness and originality of their furniture. Any unused scraps from Vanguard are recycled as well.

Sustainable Cushions and Textiles

In addition to the wood products they manufacture, Vanguard also practices environmentally friendly methods when producing fabric goods. The majority of cushion options are made from natural fibers like down and duck feathers. Even the coils used in the springs are made from 80% recycled materials. Salvaged fabric is even used in some pieces, giving new life to old and abandoned materials.


Sustainability practices even make it to the marketing department of Vanguard where they have adopted a paperless system using email instead of a catalog and mailers to reach customers.

You can feel good about using Vanguard products in your home and purchasing them at root.