How to Use An Accent Piece to Bring Your Room to Life

Your home should be full of things that speak to your soul and reflect your family’s style. A room full of beautiful things can still feel flat without an eye-catching piece that brings everything to life. So how do you use accent pieces and how do you know which ones will work in your home? Let’s take a closer look.

Interesting Lighting

Lamps add dimension to a room. They also add a cozy feel to otherwise stiff spots or corners. Adding a unique floor lamp beside a couch or chair can draw focus to that area making it a perfect place also to add a focal point to the wall behind it as well. It’s also a great way to add a pop of color to a neutral pallet.

Avoid Blank Walls

A blank wall can unintentionally become a focal point and draw attention to its emptiness. It’s essential to break up large spaces with functional accent pieces. A mirror with an unusual shape or striking frame strategically placed across from a window can reflect sunlight and make a dim room brighter, breathing new life into it.

Small Furniture

A quality piece can go a long way to bring life into a room. At root., we carry a number of unique pieces that can work in all sorts of spaces. A small chest or side table with a lot of character can help bring a room together and can double as a functional storage area.

Layers of Texture

Our eyes are drawn to texture. It can balance out a room full of straight lines and smooth fabrics. Rustic wood or galvanized metal can add texture while bringing out the subtle details of your room’s special touches. Mixing textures add even more depth. Try a hand-painted pillow from our Beach Street Design collection with a crocheted throw on a pleated accent chair.

Come find the perfect accent piece for your home at root. today!