Fall Furniture Must Haves

Fall is our favorite time of year! The rich earthy tones, colors and textures make it the perfect time to update your space. Here at root., we have all the Fall essentials for every room. Let’s take a look at this year’s Fall furniture must-haves.

Accent Chairs

An accent chair doesn’t just have to be for decoration. It can be a fully functional part of any small corner or space, just with a little extra style. Our Vanguard chairs are classy and sleek and come in a wide variety of styles. The Blain chair works beautifully for Fall. The neutral color and light textured pattern is easy to accentuate with darker earthy tones and would look amazing with a burnt orange throw. The Ginger Tilt Back gives any space a vintage library look and works well with a more traditional Fall theme. Any of the chairs in our Vanguard collection blend with an Autumn decor theme.


When thinking about Fall furniture, you don’t have to imagine pieces that have to be changed out with the seasons. For example, a neutral barn wood bookshelf can be used in any season by changing out the items within. Using an earthy wood sets the foundation which can be accentuated in different ways depending on style preference. An antique clock or vintage pumpkin figurines can set the mood for Fall. A bookshelf is also the perfect place to display a Fall farmhouse sign that are very in this year.

Accent Tables

Just like a strategically placed shelf, an accent table can have the same effect. Mixing textures is a perfect way to achieve balance with your look, so if you have a lot of wood pieces in your home, try an accent table with metal legs or framing. The industrial look comments farmhouse decor perfectly and has just the right vibe for Fall.

For any of these looks, check out our store in Manasquan today!