Local Artist Beach Street Design

Beach Street Design was founded in 2014 after artist Lisa Ludwig lost her remarkable son, Kurtis Skelley to the horrible disease of depression. Kurt was twenty one years old, an avid athlete, a lover of the outdoors, a risk taker, a her, a boiler, a climber, a skier, and a kind heart and wonderful son. 

Her studio space has become her sanctuary. Every drop of paint, brushstroke, and splatter comes from the most personal and heartfelt place.

Her passion for textiles, color, and painting have all come together in this wonderful collection of hand painted pillows. 

A portion of the proceeds from her pillow sales will be donated to the Kurtis R. Skelley Memorial Fund Her goal is to help raise awareness so that together, our community can nurture, educate and save young adults suffering with mental illness.