The Perfect Lamp Style For Each Room

Lamps are underrated. We tend to think of them as solely a light source but may not realize how much style impact they have on a room. A perfect lamp can set the tone for an area and bring out small details in a theme or look. Here’s how to choose the perfect lamp style for each room.

Functional Lighting

You want lamps that add some character to the room but also provide functional lighting. Strategically placed vintage desk lamps can add workability to an office or den, as well as set the tone for the feel of the room. For a larger more open space like a living room, tall modern floor lamps placed behind an oversized couch or armchair can provide light for reading while being focal points. By starting with the need for lighting in a certain space or function and building style on top of that, you’ll end up with lamps that work perfectly in your space while making it more usable and appealing to the eye.

Small Details

The details on lamps can go a long way to accentuate other details in a room. Lamps with copper bases, for example, can bring out pops of metallic in a wall shelf or table. Or a wooden base can bring out the natural elements in your wall decor. Try vintage sconces in the hallway with Edison bulbs if you’re going for a retro look. The possibilities are endless.

Bold Statements

Lamps can serve as a statement piece in a room as well. If your furniture and decor feature straight lines and solid colors, try a lamp with a little bit of pizzazz. Bright colors or interesting shapes will bring the eye directly to the space around the lamp, so it could be a perfect opportunity to display beloved artwork or photographs. 

If you’re looking for the perfect lighting, come to root. for inspiration. We can help you design every room.

Why Your Living Room Needs an Area Rug – And How to Pick One

Area rugs are functional accent pieces that can add style and class to your living room. But how do you pick the perfect one for your space? Here are some simple tips to find the right area rug for your living room.

A Traditional Look

If you’re going for a classic vibe, measure your seating area and pick a rug the next size up. Go for colors that are either a shade darker or lighter than the colors of your furniture. A simple pattern or print that appeals to your taste with the accent colors of the room is always a good choice, or a solid color with some interesting texture will work too.

Break the Rules

If a modern feel is more your style, try breaking the rules and choose rugs that don’t fit the usual size rule. Go for smaller rugs and place them at the feet of your furniture. Or choose an oversized rug that fills the majority of the room. Rugs can separate space as well. So if you have a large open floor plan, but would like to dedicate one area to some other purpose, like a reading nook or an office, place a larger area rug in the living space and a smaller one in the dedicated area. If you’re unsure which size rugs will work for your space, try placing a folded up a bedsheet in your desired size on the floor to get an idea of how it would look.

Texture is Everything

Besides the color and style, think about what sort of texture you’d like on your area rugs. If you have smooth upholstered furniture or lots of wooden pieces, try a rug with a thicker, more interesting texture. Or if the opposite is true, your furniture is soft and fuzzy, tighter textured rugs would be the perfect contrast.

If you still need help choosing the perfect area rug, come to root. today for inspiration.

Chair Styles That Make Perfect Reading Chairs

Looking for a chair for that reading nook you’ve wanted to put together? Let’s take a look at some styles that make the perfect reading chairs.

Sophisticated Library

If you’d like to create a reading nook that evokes images of vintage libraries with rows of dark bookshelves and world maps on the wall, a chair like the Ginger Tiltback from Vanguard is the one you’re looking for. This reddish-brown leather beauty looks both traditional and cozy and will work perfectly with a bronze floor lamp and a cute little side table. For a more Victorian look to your library, this armchair would be perfect.

Country Farmhouse

For something a little brighter, this Gwynn Chair paired with some yellow and cream pillows and a softly patterned area rug would create the perfect country farmhouse reading corner. Some weathered wood shelves and a vintage lamp could complete the look. Soft blues and greys go great with a rustic farmhouse theme, so look for soft, comfy chairs in these hues.

Modern and Sleek

If the sleek modern look is more your style, a chair with sharp, clean lines can help create your perfect reading area. The Stanton Chair from American Bungalow takes this look and puts a funky spin on it with velour upholstery. Pair this with some dark grey or black bookcases, and you’ll have the perfect spot to relax and read to your hearts content.

Classic and Traditional

When it comes to finding the right reading chair, why not stick to the classics? A soft and straightforward armchair with a corduroy upholstery in a pale neutral color would blend in well in any room, and just oozes comfort and relaxation. For a spin on this look, try a bold color like maroon or yellow.

Here at root., we can help you find the perfect reading chair for any room, whatever your style may be. Check out our showroom and chat with our designers today.

Furniture to Keep Your Home Warm and Cozy

The best place to be on a cold winter’s night is at home snuggled up in your living room. A warm and cozy house is a must for chilly nights, and at root., we have everything you need to make that happen. Let’s take a look at some furniture ideas that will turn your house into a cozy fortress from the cold.

The Perfect Sofa

Every living room needs the perfect sofa. It’s where you plop down after a long day at work and cuddle up to binge watch your favorite shows. The ideal cozy sofa should be soft and comfortable, but still have a style that fits in with the look of your home. Vanguard Furniture has quite a few sofas that fit these criteria, but we love the Harper Arm Sofa for a cozy feel. Add an oversized afghan and a few fluffy throw pillows, and we don’t think you’ll ever want to leave your living room.

Cozy Reading Corner

Nothing says cozy like an inviting chair surrounded by books. This Barkley Chair from American Bungalow would look amazing by the fireplace with a rustic floor lamp and a yellow knitted throw. It would make any rustic country reading corner complete.

Accent Pieces

Once you’ve found the perfect sofas and chairs for your warm and cozy living room, now it’s time to complete the look with the perfect accent pieces. A sideboard in weathered wood between your seating furniture could set the tone for a room, especially if paired with a bold lamp or vase. If your room is on the smaller side, go for a unique side table in an interesting finish or a statement coffee table. Function is also important, so make sure you have a place to put your big mug of cocoa while you’re relaxing in your cozy space.

Need some inspiration for your warm and cozy space? Come to root. and talk to our professional designers.

How to Use An Accent Piece to Bring Your Room to Life

Your home should be full of things that speak to your soul and reflect your family’s style. A room full of beautiful things can still feel flat without an eye-catching piece that brings everything to life. So how do you use accent pieces and how do you know which ones will work in your home? Let’s take a closer look.

Interesting Lighting

Lamps add dimension to a room. They also add a cozy feel to otherwise stiff spots or corners. Adding a unique floor lamp beside a couch or chair can draw focus to that area making it a perfect place also to add a focal point to the wall behind it as well. It’s also a great way to add a pop of color to a neutral pallet.

Avoid Blank Walls

A blank wall can unintentionally become a focal point and draw attention to its emptiness. It’s essential to break up large spaces with functional accent pieces. A mirror with an unusual shape or striking frame strategically placed across from a window can reflect sunlight and make a dim room brighter, breathing new life into it.

Small Furniture

A quality piece can go a long way to bring life into a room. At root., we carry a number of unique pieces that can work in all sorts of spaces. A small chest or side table with a lot of character can help bring a room together and can double as a functional storage area.

Layers of Texture

Our eyes are drawn to texture. It can balance out a room full of straight lines and smooth fabrics. Rustic wood or galvanized metal can add texture while bringing out the subtle details of your room’s special touches. Mixing textures add even more depth. Try a hand-painted pillow from our Beach Street Design collection with a crocheted throw on a pleated accent chair.

Come find the perfect accent piece for your home at root. today!

How to Find The Perfect Piece For That Empty Wall Space

We all have one in our home. You probably walk by it every day, and each time you think about what to do with it. An empty wall. Nothing can be more of an eyesore than a blank wall in an otherwise decorated room. You don’t want to put just anything on it; you want to find the perfect piece to compliment all the other meaningful items in the room. We can help. Here at root., we have one of a kind pieces that you can’t find anywhere else. So how do you find something that works for your empty space?

Make it Functional

You don’t want to fill a space just to fill it. Giving a wall substance means giving it purpose. A shelf made from barn wood or driftwood gives a touch of texture as well as a natural element. It also makes a great foundation to display something meaningful, like picture frames filled with family photos or a collection of antique figurines. If a shelf isn’t quite right, try a vintage-inspired oversized clock or mirror.

Make it Unique

Here at root., we feature local designers that make one of a kind pieces you can’t find anywhere else. A beautiful beach inspired painting by our featured artist Todd Friedman would turn any empty wall space into an intriguing focal point.

Make it Personal

Empty space is a perfect opportunity to insert your own personal style and vibe into a room. Go with what speaks to you. Look through magazines or online websites of designs that appeal to you and then come explore root. to find something that gives you the same feeling. Our homes are a reflection of what comforts our soul, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Here at root., we have everything you need to fill any empty space in your home. Come check out our Manasquan location today.

Picking the Right Dining Room Set for Your Family

Your dining room is a sanctuary in your home. It’s where everyone gathers around to share a meal, laughter and conversation. The right dining set should make it easier for your family to do all these things while also reflecting your personal style and fitting functionally into your space. Here are some tips for picking the right dining room set for your family.

Pick the Style that Speaks to You

When it comes to style, you don’t have to make any compromises. If you prefer a sleek modern table with straight lines, go with that look. If you have more of a vintage eye and enjoy shape and texture, go for a driftwood finish and legs with a little character.

Size Matters

While you don’t have to compromise on style, finish or design, you do however have to pick the right size table for your dining room. Measure obsessively; our eyes can deceive us. You may think that giant rectangular table with matching armchairs will fit in your space until you get it delivered and realize you may have a problem. If you have an older table that needs to be replaced but works well size-wise for the room, measure it and use that as a guide when shopping.


The shape of the perfect dining table has a lot to do with how many people will be sitting at it regularly. A rectangular table is more flexible when it comes to accommodating extra diners, so that’s something to keep in mind. Rectangular tables also sometimes have removable leaves that can extend its length. If you have a smaller space or a smaller family, a circular table is a great way to have a functional eating area while still conserving space.

Here at root., we have a wide variety of dining tables perfect for any space, as well as all the extras you’ll need to complete your ideal dining room.

Local Community Furniture and Interior Designers

Here at root., we are proud to feature local designers. Each one was chosen for their uniqueness, originality and work ethic. Here is a closer look at each of the designers and artists that we currently feature.

James Rabe

We have carried products designed by James Rabe here at root. for over fifteen years. Born and raised in Colts Neck, New Jersey, Rabe took his upscale yet relatable style and turned into a career that has spanned twenty years. At root., you can find him working closely with clients to create detailed layouts, choose color schemes and furniture pieces as well as create an overall look for their homes. Rabe has become an expert at working with each client’s individual style to create a functional, visually pleasing space that works perfectly for their lifestyle.

Todd Friedman

Local artist Todd Friedman grew up on the Jersey Shore and currently is based in Monmouth County. Besides being a published graphic novelist and cartoonist, Friedman creates beautiful works of art using surfboards as his medium. At root., we carry several of his beach-themed acrylic paintings that are both realistic and poignant. In addition to being a talented artist, Friedman is also a retired police officer and is active in the New Jersey Army National Guard.

Beach Street Design

Artist Lisa Ludwig turned her grief of losing her beloved son to depression into a passion for creating stunning works of art in honor of her Kurt. Every hand-painted pillow she creates captures her unique take on the local environment. Not only can you own a piece of her genius, but you can also feel good knowing that a portion of the proceeds of Beach Street Design’s pillows goes to the Kurtis R. Skelley Memorial Fund which raises awareness and helps nurture young people living with mental illness.

You can find the work of each of these talented local artists at our Manasquan storefront. Please consider adding a local touch to your home décor on your next visit!


Fall Furniture Must Haves

Fall is our favorite time of year! The rich earthy tones, colors and textures make it the perfect time to update your space. Here at root., we have all the Fall essentials for every room. Let’s take a look at this year’s Fall furniture must-haves.

Accent Chairs

An accent chair doesn’t just have to be for decoration. It can be a fully functional part of any small corner or space, just with a little extra style. Our Vanguard chairs are classy and sleek and come in a wide variety of styles. The Blain chair works beautifully for Fall. The neutral color and light textured pattern is easy to accentuate with darker earthy tones and would look amazing with a burnt orange throw. The Ginger Tilt Back gives any space a vintage library look and works well with a more traditional Fall theme. Any of the chairs in our Vanguard collection blend with an Autumn decor theme.


When thinking about Fall furniture, you don’t have to imagine pieces that have to be changed out with the seasons. For example, a neutral barn wood bookshelf can be used in any season by changing out the items within. Using an earthy wood sets the foundation which can be accentuated in different ways depending on style preference. An antique clock or vintage pumpkin figurines can set the mood for Fall. A bookshelf is also the perfect place to display a Fall farmhouse sign that are very in this year.

Accent Tables

Just like a strategically placed shelf, an accent table can have the same effect. Mixing textures is a perfect way to achieve balance with your look, so if you have a lot of wood pieces in your home, try an accent table with metal legs or framing. The industrial look comments farmhouse decor perfectly and has just the right vibe for Fall.

For any of these looks, check out our store in Manasquan today!

How Vanguard Furniture Brand Practices Sustainability

Here at root., we pride ourselves in carrying quality brands of furniture that do more than just produce beautiful pieces for your home. Vanguard is a brand that sees the bigger picture. In addition to creating unique chairs, sofas and accent pieces, Vanguard dedicates itself to helping the planet. They see sustainability as a way of life and incorporate it into every aspect of their business. Here’s how:

Sustainable Furnishings Council

In 2007, Vanguard joined the Sustainable Furnishings Council so that they could better understand ways to make the manufacturing process more environmentally friendly. It has helped the company balance environmental, economic and social concerns in a way that is beneficial to all involved.

Manufacturing By-Product Recycling

The corporate goal of Vanguard is to recycle 100% of manufacturing waste to prevent using landfills. Every year they recycle around 24,000 pounds of plastic and 180,000 pounds of fabric. That is a lot of materials not going into landfills!

Recycled Wood Materials

When building new products, Vanguard uses wood sourced from facilities certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. In addition to that, they also use reclaimed wood whenever possible, which not only helps the planet but increased the uniqueness and originality of their furniture. Any unused scraps from Vanguard are recycled as well.

Sustainable Cushions and Textiles

In addition to the wood products they manufacture, Vanguard also practices environmentally friendly methods when producing fabric goods. The majority of cushion options are made from natural fibers like down and duck feathers. Even the coils used in the springs are made from 80% recycled materials. Salvaged fabric is even used in some pieces, giving new life to old and abandoned materials.


Sustainability practices even make it to the marketing department of Vanguard where they have adopted a paperless system using email instead of a catalog and mailers to reach customers.

You can feel good about using Vanguard products in your home and purchasing them at root.