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The Perfect Lamp Style For Each Room

Lamps are underrated. We tend to think of them as solely a light source but may not realize how much style impact they have on a room. A perfect lamp can set the tone for an area and bring out small details in a theme or look. Here’s how to choose the perfect lamp style […]

Chair Styles That Make Perfect Reading Chairs

Looking for a chair for that reading nook you’ve wanted to put together? Let’s take a look at some styles that make the perfect reading chairs. Sophisticated Library If you’d like to create a reading nook that evokes images of vintage libraries with rows of dark bookshelves and world maps on the wall, a chair […]

Furniture to Keep Your Home Warm and Cozy

The best place to be on a cold winter’s night is at home snuggled up in your living room. A warm and cozy house is a must for chilly nights, and at root., we have everything you need to make that happen. Let’s take a look at some furniture ideas that will turn your house […]

How to Use An Accent Piece to Bring Your Room to Life

Your home should be full of things that speak to your soul and reflect your family’s style. A room full of beautiful things can still feel flat without an eye-catching piece that brings everything to life. So how do you use accent pieces and how do you know which ones will work in your home? […]

Picking the Right Dining Room Set for Your Family

Your dining room is a sanctuary in your home. It’s where everyone gathers around to share a meal, laughter and conversation. The right dining set should make it easier for your family to do all these things while also reflecting your personal style and fitting functionally into your space. Here are some tips for picking the right […]

Local Community Furniture and Interior Designers

Here at root., we are proud to feature local designers. Each one was chosen for their uniqueness, originality and work ethic. Here is a closer look at each of the designers and artists that we currently feature. James Rabe We have carried products designed by James Rabe here at root. for over fifteen years. Born […]

Fall Furniture Must Haves

Fall is our favorite time of year! The rich earthy tones, colors and textures make it the perfect time to update your space. Here at root., we have all the Fall essentials for every room. Let’s take a look at this year’s Fall furniture must-haves. Accent Chairs An accent chair doesn’t just have to be for […]

How Vanguard Furniture Brand Practices Sustainability

Here at root., we pride ourselves in carrying quality brands of furniture that do more than just produce beautiful pieces for your home. Vanguard is a brand that sees the bigger picture. In addition to creating unique chairs, sofas and accent pieces, Vanguard dedicates itself to helping the planet. They see sustainability as a way of […]